GI Milsim and Darksports 50Cal Paintball Online Shop

The .50 Cal Paintball Shop - This is Paintball 2.0. New cheaper balls with the accuracy and breakability of 0.68cal. Better gas efficiency, even 150psi not 300! Twice the amount of balls in the hopper means more fun and less cost! Oh and less pain on impact, plus better for safe and fun play for younger players and with fewer environmental concerns... the revolution is here the revolution is .50 Cal Paintball! All our paintball products are available to buy online with secure and safe shopping.

By using 0.50 Cal paintballs, marker design has made a giant leap forward as we are no longer restraint by the size of 0.68 Cal, Paintball Markers are more adaptable, lighter, efficient and long lasting than ever before.

This is not the idea of newcomers; this is brought to you by longterm industry innovators like Richmond Italia, the founder of Procaps and the founders of Smart Parts amongst others. The revolution is here, the future is 0.50 Cal Paintball.

Our online shop range includes all the GI Milsim 50 Cal Paintball Markers; Impulse, Nano, Micro, FM50 and G150, the Agitator and Turbine Loaders, GI Milsim Playing Gear which includes Jersey, Pants and Gloves. The GI Milsim .50 Cal Paintball Range also includes Casual Wear T-Shirts, Shirts and a Hoodie, Bags and Bags with Wheels. The .50 Cal Paintball Online Shop Range also includes a range of Accessories and a wide Range of VFORCE Masks, X02 and AIR.

If you can't find just what you are looking for on our website, or if you have a suggestion for a new product, please contact us. Telephone: 0845 638 7171 or email

The .50 Cal online Paintball Shop is brought to you by Internet Direct, trading since 2000. Also in the group is Heritage Photo Albums -